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ps3 repair guide

A Detailed and Insider Review of PS3LightsFix.com

Hi Guys,
As you know I have been selling repair guides to all of the popular gaming consoles for about 10 years now. My PS2 Repair Guide was the beginning back in 2002 and has one of the most popular on the internet today.

I get tons of emails asking me if I have other guides for sale or can give recommendations on guides covering some of the newer consoles. What I have done in an effort to help those of you that are looking for a good PS3 repair guide was to contact my inner circle of video gaming repair friends. I asked them to please give me the name of the website that "in their opinion" was offering the best Playstation 3 Repair Guide for the money. There was only one.

I’m here today to give you an insider/analytical review of the number one and most comprehensive PS3 Repair Guide on the net!

The site is PS3LightsFix.com. I decided to check them out for myself before making a recommendation. I was very surprised to see what was offered to me. On the webpage, the website listed many issues that their program could repair, ranging from the infamous YLOD (or Yellow Light), through to PS3 error codes and PS3 controller issues. Upon successful access to the member’s section, I was presented with:

• Professionally Made Videos
• Professionally Made Guides
• Personal one-on-one help via email and telephone support
• A member’s forum
• Many generous bonuses

Below is a more detailed review of what was inside the package:

Videos- There were many professionally crafted videos, each one differently explaining the way to fix a particular issue on the PS3

Guides- The guide was VERY STRAIGHTFORWARD, I must say. There were many pictures and it wasn’t all fancy technical talk, making it easy for me to follow and understand.

24/7 Help- They really live up to their guarantee. I emailed them and got a reply within 12 hours on a Sunday!

If you are seriously considering sending your PS3 off to Sony, please take a look at this service first. Here are the benefits versus sending it in for repair if your PS3 is out of warranty.
• No 4-6 week wait for the console to be returned to you
• Save about $160 in repair costs
• Repair your console in about 1 hour
• The repair was a safe and quick easy repair

So, I highly recommend this guide to repair a range of errors and problems on your PS3. You can visit them at PS3LightsFix.com!

Full Disclosure: I am an affiliate of PS3LightsFix.com so if you click on a link and make a purchase I will be compensated. Got to pay the bills somehow...right?

Mark Eastman
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