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LitterMaid Cat Box giving you problems?

No need to hurry out and buy a new one. There is a 95% chance that this Littermaid Repair Manual could have your Littermaid working again for just a fraction of the cost of buying a new one.

The most common malfunctions can be repaired without any tools or parts and usually takes less than a minute. No special skills or tools are required. Anyone can do these repairs using the littermaid repair manual. Thousands of others have had success, and so can you. Make sure to read the testimonials page to see what everyone is saying.

Check out this great comment from a previous customer and you'll see what we mean

It was the best money I have ever spent. Thanks to you my LitterMaid is working great again. If a little old lady, 67 years young, in Arkansas can fix it from your instructions anybody can. Thank you Agnes

The LitterMaid litter box is a rather amazing product. Over two million have been sold since they built the first one. Other companies have tried, but none have been able to duplicate the success of Littermaid . However, just like an automobile, it is a mechanical object and it's just a matter of time before something fails. If you were to go out and get in your car and it would not start, you probably would not junk it and buy a new one. You would most likely start by checking your battery, and possibly buying a new one. Most of the time when the LitterMaid does not cycle, people think the motor has failed so they throw it out and get another. I have shocking news! It is very, very unlikely that this has anything to do with the motor. In fact, fixing this problem usually takes less than a minute, requires no parts, no tools and no mechanical skill. What it does require is the knowledge given to you in the Littermaid Repair Manual. Instructions are included for fixing just about every possible thing that can malfunction on these units. Most of the repairs can be accomplished without acquiring new parts but if they are needed, possible sources are named.

The littermaid repair manual will allow you to greatly extend the life of your LitterMaid automatic self-cleaning cat box. Using this book will give you a 95% chance of success. Don't you think it's worth spending the money on this manual before you go out and spend over $100 dollars on a new box?

Very helpful...thanks a million..or should I say $149!!! saved me a bunch of $

If you're worried that your particular model may not be covered, rest assured, the littermaid repair manual extensively covers just about every model ever produced. Models covered include the LM500, LM520, LM600, LM600 Plus, LM700, LM750, LM800, LM900, LM920, LM950, Mega, Deluxe and the new LME Elite model released last year.

BRAND NEW RELEASE FOR 2007- Updated with more info and parts suppliers.

The littermaid repair manual was written by a qualified repair technician. In the last year and a half, he has repaired over 1500 of these units. Using this manual is just like having this qualified technician looking over your shoulder while you repair your littermaid litter box yourself.

I purchased the manual today. In about 20 minutes, I was able to fix the problem. I can now return the $160 replacement box I purchased prior to hearing about your fine work. Great job.



This is not some tiny pamphlet. It is 85 pages of valuable information and 60 detailed photographs that can save you countless hours of trying to figure out the problem. Do not take your LitterMaid apart until you have read this book!

littermaid cat box repair guide
  • Chapter One: Understanding How the Unit Works
  • Chapter Two: Red Light Comes on But Motor Does Not Move
  • Chapter Three: Red Light Flashes and Motor Does Not Move
  • Chapter Four: Red Light Does Not Come On
  • Chapter Five: Rake Goes Back and Forth Without Stopping
  • Chapter Six: Rake Arm Runs Out of the Track
  • Chapter Seven: Motor Does Not Appear to Have Enough Power
  • Chapter Eight: Guide Wheel Broken off Rake Arm
  • Chapter Nine: Wire Leading to Motor Broken or Not Retracting
  • Chapter Ten: Rake Arm Goes to End But Does Not Return
  • Chapter Eleven: Rake Does Not Cycle After Cat Uses Box
  • Chapter Twelve: Rake Throws Chunks Outside of Box
  • Chapter Thirteen: Plastic Parts are Warped
  • Chapter Fourteen: Crushed Switch
  • Chapter Fifteen: Plastic Parts Broken
  • Chapter Sixteen: Loud or Unusual Noises
  • Chapter Seventeen: Safety Bar Not Working
  • Chapter Eighteen: The Mysteries of the Circuit Board
  • Understanding the Model Numbers
    · Straightening the Motor/Rake Arm
    · Replacing the Motor/Rake Arm
    · Accessing the Circuit Board
    · What's new with the LME Elite models

Get rid of your aggravation and get big results for a small price. You won't find anything else like this anywhere. For just a few dollars you can have your littmaid cat box repaired and working again. Not only that, you will be able to greatly extend the life of your litterbox with NO additional expense.


With this knowledge, you can also purchase salvage units for practically nothing, fix them and resell them for a handsome profit. Maybe, you have friends or family members that you could help. Armed with the knowledge in this manual you will be their hero.

Buy Now and the download instructions will be sent to you via email . There are no additional costs. In a short time you can be working on your Littermaid cat box, get it fixed, and get back to your daily business. Not only that...but your cats will love you for it. Don't Wait-Order it Now! You will be glad you did

I bought your Littermaid repair book in July and had it handy when the pan decided to break on Christmas morning. I pulled your book out and within 15 minutes had the litter pan back in working order. I don't know who was happier....me or my cats!! I just wanted to thank you for writing the book. If I didn't have the book I would have chucked the pan and bought another one!




littermaid repair manual


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