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As the owner of Powerful Guides I strive to provide top notch customer service. To keep customer service costs down I handle most situations by email. Occasionally I handle situations by phone or Instant Messenger like MSN and Yahoo.

If you have a situation that requires customer service please send me an email by clicking here and describe the situation with as much detail as possible. The more info you can give the better I will be able to respond correctly the first time. You may also want to include your phone number in the email so I can call you if needed.

I always respond to email within a reasonable time, usually within 24 hours. However if you send an email during the weekend or late evening hours it may be the next business day before you get a response. Please be patient and give me a chance to respond - I really will.

Just remember...like most of you I work a full-time job. Powerfulguides.com is not the way I make my living. I am a telecommunications technician for a major Electric company. I usually deal with all customer service issues between the time I get home from work and before I go to bed. Sometimes I check email before going to work in the monring at 6AM EST.

As a general rule you can expect a response within 24 hours of sending an email unless it is sent on a Friday night or Saturday. It may take until the following Monday to get a response. If you have not heard from me by then please resend your email and include a phone number. Sometimes email settings will prevent some individuals from receiving email from me, and they do not know it. A phone number will allow me to make a call to you in these situations. If you do not provide a number then I have no way of getting a hold of you, and you think I am not responding. (Even though I really am- Believe me it happens all the time)


Sometimes customers have problems with downloads or opening the book after it is downloaded. Before sending me an email please take a look at my FAQ page located at www.powerfulguides.com/faq.php. It has step by step instructions.

For Powerful PS2 Repair Guide customers please see www.powerfulguides.com/ps2/faq.php for specific help.

If you have maxed out your tries on the download link please send me an email and request another link. I will gladly send you one. Just make sure that you include the name and paypal email address used to make the purchase. I will resend the link to the paypal email address. You may want to take a look at our download tutorial at www.powerfulguides.com/ps2/dltutorial.php before using the link again. The goal of using the link is to save the book to your PC. Once that is done then you no longer need the link.

Remember that I am here to help. I am not trying to take your money and run. It is amazing how many people get upset and think that because something went wrong or they have a problem then they have somehow been ripped off.

I understand that not everyone is a computer whiz and that you may need help downloading or opening the book. That's why I have created the FAQ page and the Download Tutorial page. I want to help you. I am always here for you and will go out of my way to make sure that you get the product that you paid for.

Don't panic when things go wrong or your link expires or you max out your download attempts or many other problems that may come up. I will help you and make sure that you end up with a satisfactory solution to your problem. The only thing you need to do is Let me know about it. I can't help you if I don't know what the problem is. Please take the time to describe the problem in detail. It will make things so much quicker and easier for both of us.

Mark Eastman
Powerful Guides

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